Noveau’s Midnight Sun

English: A Neo-Surrealism art work. Combining ...

English: A Neo-Surrealism art work. Combining photography and advenced digital edition work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Noveau’s Midnight Sun is an attempt to liberate Surrealism from the spiritual vacuum of postmodernity and continue the quest of the original surrealists in the nude module light of recent poetic developments: LANGUAGE poets, the resurgence of so called Confessional poetry, flarf, and the work of poets like Andrew Joron and Will Alexander. We hope to restore to Surrealism the “dark green” (Breton) transcendence which lies in the roots of it’s praxis. We mean to clear away the dust of miserabilist  abstractions like “Neo Surrealism” and forge deep into the wood, drawn through with a semiotic tinfoil thread the signs which bring us through the phantasmic standstill of current surrealist movements to our place now. Indeed, we mean to forget to remember Surrealism is the elliptical fission dipped in the ink of the hourglass’ deja vu.

Some of our Heads in this movement:

David Shapiro (“The Page Turner”), (“Towards a New Aesthetics: Theory”), (“Collected Poems”).  David has been an enormous force in poetry, writing the first monograph on John Ashbery’s “The Tennis Court Oath”, some of the first work on Kenneth Koch (his dear friend) and is also a fantastic violinist.

Julian Semilian, along with his wife Laura Ingram Semilian (Romanian filmmaker, author of “Osiris With a Trombone Across the Seam of Insubstance”, “Transgender Organ Grinder”, “A Spy In Amnesia”, and translator of Gherasim Luca).

John Olson, prose poem wizard extraordianaire, author of “Backscatter: New and Selected Poems” and the union of Billy the Kid and Rimbaud, “Souls of Wind”.

“let’s pan for gold, blow off steam, rub

a glass rod with silk

& make electricity

dance on the head of a pin.  Prose is all cartilage

poetry a fin.  Like as the waves

make toward the pebbled shore, so do our minutes

hasten to their end, each changing place

with that which goes before”

Lee Ballentine (“Dream Protocols”, editor of “Poly: A Journal of Speculative Writing”, “Dream Protocols”).  A host of talented Heads form this triple diamond snake.

“…surrealism is not exempt from its own imperative, synthesized from Marx and Rimbaud, to ‘transform the world’ and to ‘change life.’ Even in its earliest years, while unified under the leadership of Breton, the movement underwent successive mutations in response to internal and external conditions. The self-identity of the movement therefore cannot be situated within timeless tenets, but only in the shock-pattern of the wave-front of surrealization as it passes, under the impetus of practices not to be prescribed in advance, through a particular time and place. This expanding wave-front has no permanently fixed form or content. Surreality is not a stand of standing “over” reality, rather, it is the boiling-over of that reality, a phase-change that always departs from a highly specific set of initial conditions.”

Andrew Joron, “Neo-Surrealism, Or, the Sun at Night

“I have never felt any rest in sleep. For a few seconds I am numbed, then a new life begins, freed from the conditions of time and space, and doubtless similar to that state which

Français : Le monument pour Gérard de Nerval, ...

Français : Le monument pour Gérard de Nerval, rue Gérard de Nerval, sur le rond-point en face de l’église. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

awaits us after death. Who knows if there is not some link between those two existences and if it is not possible for the soul to unite them now?”
— Gérard de Nerval

“They invent a howling theatrical language through which it becomes possible to express the grief of the whole world, a language understood by no one but the two of them.”

Unica Zürn

Unica Zürn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

― Unica Zürn, Dark Spring

“The Exercise is: Treat An Apple Without Contempt”–David Shapiro

“In places concealed by the nuns I conceived occult wooden sandals out of steam: and it was in these drool places I throttled the sons of the bloody archives. And I was frightened of the roots of the steam, and i thought only of you, even when the revolutions of yearning boiled across the abyss of your mandibles, I had fought in woolen revolutions, persevered in the substructure of a melancholy mantichora:you proposed certain amorphous seasons and I believed you and released my pigeons to the shores of oppression….” Julian Semilian

“Frank’s brain is a bubble of air that occluded him.
The plaits of his skull stretch like tubes of distressed metal–bent
in glittering fatigue.
He drives straight to the office.
If the computer is down he will sit still all day.”

Lee Ballentine

“And the twirling hourglasses are also flaming candelabras blinking in the bingo slots of my eyes.” John Thomas Allen

“there are idiomas fronterizos along the borders
born from the mixture of the gente
there are no frontiers in language
it passes from person to person
from people to people
changing and growing
neologisms enter from technology and science
new words created by philosophers and psychoanalysts
new words come daily from every dimension”
Donna Snyder


10 thoughts on “Noveau’s Midnight Sun

    • This here is a moment swept away under the feathers of a falcon’s wing. The shadow’s tremulous vertebrae should sing in the oxygenated names of the blood in our passing; and could I, in some unimaginable night written in plasmatic green angel strudel, I would write your name in the car wash, the wipers ending again again where we begin.

  1. Does rroselabysabbey continue, even though The New Surrealist Institute on Facebook seems to have dissolved into the ether?

  2. John Thomas Allen, please email me and tell me the name of the site when you have it set up – of course I’d like to be an NSI member there!

  3. John Thomas Allen, I’ll send you my email address via an email to your box – you still have the same email address, right?

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