Plagiarism: Lautreamont’s inside joke or Surrealist pastime?

Culture is a sophisticated (implicitly sophisticate) collection of compost pieces. This is what                         our naughty alcoholic neighbors The Situationists understood uncomfortably well; we are ourselves little else than an oddly formed race of semiotic, refracting mirrors which end up saying precisely the same things in different fashions. Indeed, intertextuality, is often mistaken for precisely what the most enigmatic progenitor of Surrealism celebrated; plagiarism. Tranche0001-740637                                 “Plagiarism implies progress. It is necessary.” Poesies   a0b7bc0a309146091c01c58b0ff63697         Though the originator of the academic term “intertextuality” or “intertextualism” was philosopher Julia Kristeva, who rubbed shoulders with Barthes, Derrida, Diderot and the treadmill of the University all stars, it was Isidore Ducasse who stated in one bold, cursory line what needed to be said. Indeed, Freud’s sometimes hackneyed and fructose sentiment: “Where I go, a a poet has been there before me” seems more and more apt as our imaginative cosmography is indexed with technology’s unrestrained growth. Breton had morals, it would most definitely seem, and so did even an artist as raucous as Pablo Picasso; ergo, neither were Salvador Dali, nor could they ever be, even if times of financial woe tore them apart.  Is plagiarism necessary for the future? Or, to contrast and compare, should we aim for an originality of utter idiosyncrasy, as though I were to say: “GODHEAD PRAXIS HEMATITE ARE JACKPINS” And continue with such phrases till it forms it’s own compost? Better, perhaps, explore existing plagiarists and “plagiarism”, if it even exists, from an intertextual perspective purely. One of the zaniest, most rollicking and bust-a-gut hilarious instances of contemporary “plagiarism” is the case of David Boyer, a man in the fantastic/horror writing community with strange acumen and a relentless, Quixotic drive to quash those who demand that he conform to society’s mores.           costume2David Boyer 2 In a moment of surrealist intertexualism, let me “plagiarize” CreateSpace author Jeani Lector’s thoughts about this man who, really, is like the Lacenaire of his decidedly tiny area. Here we see said serial-plagiarist and maybe Romeo of his territory making the rounds; disturbing the complacency of the established order and driving Miss Lector quite obviously out of her gourd. (A derangement of the senses, or something pre-existing? Who knows? The alchemy of surrealism does depend in some ways on our semiotic blind spots.) Photo after photo, citation after citation, and it doesn’t end there: Alleged Names/Aliases David Boyer Iron Dave Boyer Dan Boyer Doc Boyer David Byron Iron Dave Byron Dan Byron Doc Burton David Brookes Leo Wolfe Jack Burnett (One has been left out of this otherwise quite eager and detailed chronology: “Doc Creeper”.) Is Miss Lector making an intertextual statement about Mr. Boyer with these sorta manically charged, nearly FBI file length websites?   The internet is the playground for the merging of the real and the imaginary, and here we see the Black Humor of Surrealism raise a liberating hand: Boyer version of no ordianry loveThis is supposedly a bit of admittedly wooden verse from Mr. Boyer; however, to amplify the credence of this contemporary anti-Coleridge, let’s lend him black wings with the dead musk of plagiarism on the author’s part. Who is the author at this juncture according to our theoretical vortex? I gave you the chalk limbo of my orifices I gave you that last bit of neon ash I took you to go skating and celebrated my anniversy on a busy night, at the meeting where we met. I can. i am. Let us have more scandals. Let us have more SURREALIST wars, surrealist strength, the alchemy of hypnos dabbed in a spasm of invisible ink.  Let us have more David Boyers/Jeani Rectors embedded in one another with mesh wire for eternity in blog splotches like “The Mediocre Zine”! Transmisision, comrades of the marvelous.