The Encryption of the Free Image: The Screamer in a Tele screen


The New Surrealist Institute is now a barcode in the Barbicide of cyberspace’s blue chill.

While I have plans to resurrect it, I failed to dissuade members of the group from abandoning Facebook and joining me in abandoned hotels on the fringes of L.A.–just kidding.

As of a few months ago, I deleted my Facebook account, as I had been growing more and more uncomfortable being  a JPG on Mark Zuckerberg’s privacy raping, virtual plantation of advertisement.  Facebook’s minions took an immediate dislike, I guess, to my negative opinion of The Social Network and deleted the NSI very, very quickly.


Which brings up a fairly relevant question with regards to Surrealism and “the image as a perfect creation of the mind” (Reverdy:Beloved By Breton):  when does the Free Image STOP being free and combustible and become the property of a hyperimagistic hemorrhage taking place on virtual marketing grounds for the purposes…

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