3 thoughts on “THEATER

  1. This is an incredibly clear and useful description of the process in a way that suggests an opening for any poem – or any other work of art, as necessary. The brief discussion of “meaning” is very….meaningful. One does not want to get lost in a squabble over mere words – but one could say there’s a meaning wh. is built on fear and survival – but something greater and more perilous than that exists – or is at least achievable.

  2. This explains quite clearly to me why I feel as though many of Lee’s poems seem to be written literally “about me” — they always speak to me on that “primordial” level of which he speaks in bullet 1. I feel a sense of relief reading his explication of the surrealist process he undergoes when working his poetry… All I’ve ever believed in my bones about the interplay of New Criticism, Phenomenology, Synchronicity and Jungian Archetypes — all of which falls under the easier definition of human interconnectivity — is embodied in these crystals which Lee has pushed up through the detritus left behind in the diligence of mining for meaning. They glitter and gleam in my guts…

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