"The Old Folk's Home"

“The Old Folk’s Home”

Those who ring eye balls just to
Those who sell opals on Ebay
Those who spell special
(H-A-L-F A-N H-O-U-R-O-R-L-E-S-S)
Those who chase wind chimes
Those who arrange strangeness in snug puzzles
Those who IV monitor light
Those who bore the Magnificat
Those who lose themselves in galleys only on-set
Those who sink into oblivion smiling
Those who neuraesthetize neurology: brain matter of porked sea horse
Those content: let flesh melt till daylight dims
Those who Polaroid Mediocrity Planets
Those who eat avatar bytes
Those who fabric A Just Dye



One thought on “THE SCENE

  1. Every now and then a blog comes along worth following every goddamn day. This is such a blog. I think the poems subtle attack on cheap, imitation art is so strong I would advise people with heart problems to stay away from it. What is this world coming to? I’m afraid the answer lies coded in the poem itself.

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